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How can I care and extend the life of my jewelry?

•Most metals can or will tarnish over time but can be cleaned with a polishing cloth to you received with your purchase to clean them back up. This includes sterling silver, copper, and stainless steel, plated metals can or will also tarnish over time.

•You can extend the life of your jewelry by not wearing it in the sun or soaked in water.

•Jewelry should be taken off when showering, bathing, swimming going in a a sauna, at the beach, tanning beds or long exposure to direct sunlight.

•Keep Jewelry away from away from alcohol, hand sanitizer, cleaning chemicals or essential oils.

•Please do wear your jewelry with pride it is meant to be shown off and be bragged about breastfeeding is hard and so is grief it’s a lovely piece to your jewelry and shouldn’t be hidden in a box. We are all human and the most important thing is to take off while swimming, at the beach, avoid hand sanitizers, saunas and tanning booths. I personally wear mine care free and shower and wash my hands but keeping these precautions will help extend the life of your jewelry! 

What do I do with my placenta when it comes? 

Its your legal right to be able to keep your placenta. The placenta can remain out for 4 hours and must be stored immediately on ice after, delayed cord clamping is always recommended. Most hospitals have ice so you will just need a cooler and bring 2 gallon size ziplock bag to have something to put it in if the hospital doesn’t already. 2 bags so you can double bag it. Make sure they know you plan on taking your placenta home you might have sign a waiver because it’s a biohazard. You do not have to tell them what you plan on using it for or why you want it, it’s yours. Before the hospital says it’s not safe to encapsulate for whatever reason reach out to me first to confirm, a lot of times you still can with a different method. The hospital might want to do testing if they want to take it to pathology tell them they can cut a small piece to take instead. Pathology can be dangerous from chemicals and cross contamination if they do take it there. If you have any questions about storage pick up or drop off  text or call is fine.

In case you have any complications its 4 hours after deliver then on ice. 

How do I ship my breastmilk? 

Shipping your breastmilk is easier then you may think since it’s not going to be consumed it can be fresh, frozen or old milk. You want to double bag your milk making sure everything is sealed tight to prevent leakage. Be sure to bubble wrap it a few time to create a thick layer ensuring it can’t be pressed or poked and popping bag through mail. Make sure it is marked fragile for extra precautions of being damaged to avoid leaking please provide name on the milk bag and if more the one child’s milk the name of their milk to whom it belongs to. Frozen is fine but that first before sending to prevent condensation warping and tearing the package it’s sent in. It’s best sent A room temperature. 

How do I send ashes and what do you do with the leftovers?

You can send ashes the same exact way as breastmilk is to be mailed to avoid leakage. Extra ashes can be saved on file for future orders or sent back to resident at their cost of shipping and handling. Normally only 1 tablespoon is needed for a jewelry order or more depending on what the keepsake is. 

What is a placenta and what are the benefits to placenta encapsulation?

The placenta is an organ that develops in the uterus during pregnancy to provide oxygen and nutrients to grow your baby. Progesterone, estrogen, oxytocin, IgG, HCG and HPL are all the hormones the placenta has to offer. Progesterone drops off immediately after delivering the placenta however your ovaries wont start creating progesterone untill your first menstrual cycle which will create a temporary imbalance. Breastfeeding moms wont receive their first period for several months depending on the supply and demand they create making this a long time for hormonal imbalance. This hormonal imbalance can be an underlying cause behind moodiness, low energy levels, and a slowed metabolism. Estrogen and progesterone both create dopamine and serotonin, two neurotransmitters in the brain that make you feel calm and happy which also leave the body once the placenta is delivered. However oxytocin surges after to make up for them but only last a few days and begins to drop which explains the later baby blues. Oxytocin plays an important part in childbirth, maternal behavior, lactation, social affiliation, and sexual pleasure also known as the "hormone of love". Many mothers complain of not interested in sex after, not making enough milk, not wanting to be in social activities and not feeling like maternal instincts kicked in. Synthetic oxytocin is actually used in hospitals known as pitocin to help induce labor and prevent excessive post-delivery bleeding. Lots of midwives actually use the placenta over injections or IV medications to help with heavy bleeding or hemmorrhage postpartum. IgG (immunoglobulin G) is a common antibody it's in the blood and other body fluids to help protect against bacterial and viral infections. HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) ensures that the placenta will continue to produce estrogen and progesterone which are essential for fetal development. HPL (Human Placental Lactogen) stimulates prolactin production which is th hormone that aids in milk production. The placenta is also loaded with vitamins too including B6, B12, and Iron. Clearly all these hormones and vitamins play a role and if they were consumed would benefit from hormone imbalance, stablaize mood, increase energy, increase milk supply, helps sex drive, help decrease bleeding, reduces pain after childbirth, helps avoid postpartum hemorrhage, helps shrink the uterus back to normal size after birth and even prevent hair loss. Although there have been no studies done to proove the benefits after consuming your placenta i think the hormones and vitamins speak for themselves.

What is a tincture and what is it used for? 

A tincture is an extract of plant or animal material dissolved in alcohol or sometimes used with vinegar, glycerol , diethyl ether or propylene glycol. Vanilla extract is a perfect example of a tincture it’s a vanilla bean dissolved in alcohol. Having a tincture made with your placenta can be done raw with a small piece of the umbilical cord and amniotic sac or with 5/6 placenta capsules using the powder. The raw method will be kept and stored properly for 6 weeks and then I will strain it for you. Placenta powder is fine to take home with you right away since it won’t need to be strained but must be shaken everyday and stored in a cool dry place which is proper storage for both methods. The raw method is more potent and powerful and I recommend however it can only be done if I don’t have to steam the placenta. 

Benefits of using a tincture:

-Perfect timing for when pills run out to have a tincture to help

-Menopause symptoms 

-Mood stabilization 

-Better sleep

-Immune booster

-Helps secondary infertility 

-Reduce colic and teething in baby

-Ease cough, stuffy noses, and cold like symptoms

-Aids in trauma, transitions, and emotional distress like weaning, growth spurts, starting a new job or school.

-PMS symptoms 

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