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All Things Placentable LLC Welcomes You

Placenta Specialist, Jaime Markow certified in Placenta Encapsulation, OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens and Food Handlers Class to allow moms to safely consume their own placentas to acheieve maximum postpatrum relief. Consuming your placenta allows you to get back all of your hormones, vitamins and the nutrients you deserve! Jaime also enjoys making breastmilk/cremation jewelry or custom keepsakes with personable belongings to create long lasting memories. All Things Placentable LLC focuses on making the most out of anything you have to make a memory from offering one of kind placenta prints, cord keepsakes, pictures frames, magnets, memory letters, lamps and many more! 

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About Me 

When i heard people consume their placentas I was taken back and grossed out to why one would even want to do that? There had to be more behind someone willing and wanting to pay someone to encapsulate their placenta for them. Soon I found myself thinking about doing the same as I found out about all the benefits, we are actually one of the few mammals that don’t consume our placenta. We’re also the only mammal that struggles with postpartum depression and a lack of milk supply. 

The only thing that made me nervous about doing so is finding someone to trust and how do I know how effective the results really are with no statistics or even being approved by the FDA. The holistic self healing side of me told me to go with my gut and trust what natured intended. Trying to find someone local and safely get my placenta to was harder then i thought. In fact I had the same person do all 3 of mine and each time she got harder to find as she retired and is branching out her store business. I knew this was what i wanted to do as it becomes more popular still not anyone was close enough to pick up in our hospitals. I want to provide this service to those who are looking for the same benefits i knew i needed. The placenta proves its worth the moment it started growing and protecting your baby now let it take care of you. From capsules, treats, tinctures and even healing body salves I will find a way to best meet your needs.

Encapsulating placentas soon became more of a hobby to me as i got more creative with my placenta prints and cord keepsakes, this encourged me to venture back into my crafty side and allow me to expand my services. Offering moms more ways to make memories by creating special keepsakes. From memory letters with personable belongings to jewelry made with your breastmilk, a loved ones ashes, umbilical cords, hair clippings or even flowers from weddings to funerals. Anything sentimental to you is important to me. 

Being a mom myself I noticed i couldnt let go of any memories or special moments from babys first haircut, the umbilcal cord, hospital bracelets, babys pacifier, pregnancy test to even flowers from my grandmoms funeral. I found myself holding onto things I couldn’t throw away and realized i wasnt the only one. Doing this brings me joy making something special for others that they can cherrish. I cant wait to help you heal from postpartum or create a keepsake for you!

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Our Services


Umbilical Cord Keepsakes 

Umbilical cord keepsakes is where I use the umbilical cord and make a design usually a heart, a letter, or if the cord is long enough I can write out “love”. Each cord is different depending on if the cord is long, short, thick, and sometimes they can have false knots creating bumps along the cord. The cord gets dehydrated after the shape is made and shrinks down a little, most people want there cord painted gold after it’s fully dry. Some woman prefer the natural look of the cord i will let it air dry instead of dehydrating and this shows a lighter color of the cord showing the vessels and won’t be painted. This only turns out well if you don’t get a color print because it will still have the color on the cord from the print however you still have the option for a blood print and raised gold always adds a nice touch. You can choose your paint color of gold, rose gold, silver, metallic blue, metallic pink or metallic purple. No shape is promised to come out as expected it depends on more then just a cord having false knots. 


Placenta Prints

Placenta Prints can be made as a blood print or a color print. The blood print is made using the natural blood from the placenta but may fade over time to a lighter color over the years I do spray the final picture to help prevent this from happening. Color prints are made using food dye so the client must be allergy free from food dye to consider getting a color option, unless the client does not plan on consuming her placenta. Clients who want a placenta print and don’t wish to consume their placenta have more options of using better paints for a nicer quality print. Food dye is used to avoid any chemicals being ingested for the placenta encapsulation process since the placenta print is done after examining and before dehydration or steaming. 


Placenta Chocolates 

One chocolate is equal to one pill. Chocolates are great for those who can’t take pills and want the same benefits. Placenta chocolates can be sold in a dozen added on to your package or you can get all of your pills turned into  chocolates to avoid taking pills. Chocolates must be stored in the freezer the ones you plan on taking that week can be in the fridge. Special request for sprinkles or filling will be an added fee. This is an add on and must be requested.


Placenta Capsules 

Placenta capsules are made by first examining the placenta making sure everything looks fine and hasn’t spoiled for safe encapsulation how you store your placenta after birth and care for it is just as important as making sure it’s saved. The placenta is dehydrated and grinned down into a fine powder then being placed into the pills. Pills are offered in clear capsules or flavored in strawberry, orange or coffee. Pills are listed in least to highest flavor strawberry being the least and coffee being the strongest. Pill count averages from 50-100 depending on the size of your placenta sometimes more also depends if you use some of the placenta for other treats, tinctures, salves or jewelry or keepsakes. All Placentas will have a small amount saved 6 pills worth of powder that will be labeled with your name and baby’s name for that placenta for future purchase of tinctures. 


Placenta Lollipops 

Placenta Lollipops come in one flavor of your choice (pineapple, green-apple, black-cherry, peach, grape, apple, blackberry, orange-cream, strawberry-kiwi, blueberry, pear or raspberry). Lollipops are great to keep in your purse and not worry about storage as much as you would pills, gummies or chocolates. These lollipops are not as strong of a dose as pills and are used just to keep things off edge after already taking your pills this is an add on and must be requested.


Placenta Gummies 

Placenta Gummies are another way to consume your placenta they are similar to the lollipops with lower dosage then pill form so you can even eat a handful of these and have more control over your dosage. Gummies need to stay in fridge and only last two weeks so they would have to be an add on and must be requested. Flavors are the same selections as the lollipops. 


Placenta Powder or Umbilical Cord Jewelry 

Placenta Powder or Umbilical Cord Jewelry is powder form from your placenta or baby’s umbilical cord grinned down and persevered into jewelry to make a keepsake can also do keychains, ornaments, wind chimes, dream catchers or personal requests this is an add on and must be requested.


Cremation Jewelry 

Cremation Jewelry is used with ashes and placed into jewelry from a loved one or pets. You chose your jewelry piece or the special request from keychains, magnets, picture frames, ornaments and so much more. Cremation jewelry does not have to show ashes like the above picture you can add a pearl shimmer giving off a pinkish shine along with the ashes or they can be completely hidden by color and glitter. This usually only requires one tablespoon of ashes or more for a bigger keepsake.


Breastmilk Jewelry 

Made with only your milk and I turn it into a powder and preserve your milk into jewelry. The natural color is a light white/yellowish color the powder only goes so fine so it’s more of a texture most customers like white or a shimmer added to make for a brighter cleaner look. Your milk will be kept with your name and the baby’s name who was breastfed by that milk on file for future orders and receive $25 off per order until your milk on file runs out. Only need 1 ounce of milk fresh, frozen or old is completely fine. If you can’t produce enough for 1 ounce or would like to give less please reach out to me. 


Floral Jewelry 

Floral Jewelry is made with flowers often from funerals, weddings, baby showers, parties or even flower bouquets from celebrations. Almost all floral orders are made to be given as gifts as it’s very sentimental and a nice surprise. Pieces and orders depend on the flowers and often are special request based off of personal interest. 


Hair Clippings Jewelry 

Hair Clippings make a great way to use your baby’s first hair cut clippings that you have been holding onto. Hair from a loved ones brush or a pet that you don’t plan on cremating but want to make something for. Depending on the hair, size and texture different designs can be made with the hair. 


Memory Letter 

Memory letters can be made with a variety of your personal items to represent a baby with the letter of their first name or a anniversary gift in a heart shaped with pictures and personal items.Examples of things you can add:-breastmilk/ash hearts-hospital bracelets -pregnancy test-baby’s pacifier-baby’s picture or ultrasound-baby’s hairbrush-baby’s umbilical cord-and so much more 

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All Things Placentable is committed to exceeding your needs. Questions, comments or special requests? We’d love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to reach out today. Text is preferred if you call please leave a voicemail :) 


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